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Ok, so this one doesn’t have weed in it. Not yet. But it’s not like Ben & Jerry have ever made normal flavors anyways. In an interview on HuffPost Live, the founders of everyone’s favorite ice cream company hinted that they’d be concocting some cannabis ice cream in the future. You know, when legal boundaries deteriorate.

“Makes sense to me,” Ben Cohen told the HuffPost host. “Combine your pleasures.”

Marijuana is completely legal for recreational use in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska, while many other states have approved it for medicinal purposes. As pot legalization progresses, quite a few companies are beginning to capitalize. The founder of Skinnygirl alcohol is working on some sort of weed that won’t give you the mad munchies, while bakeries and candy shops have already taking cannabis cuisine by storm.

While you’re waiting for your Ben & Jerry’s, here are some of the top edibles in Washington right now:

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